During a live stream, every user pulls the stream over the network, consuming a significant amount of bandwidth. This also affects the performance of the streaming server which has to cater to every stream individually as a unicast. VIDIZMO’s Streaming Servers support ECDN where users can create their CDN to serve live streams to users spread over multiple, geographically dispersed locations so that the stream closest to the user is pulled without congesting the network. Here, the stream is pushed from the Origin Server as a single stream to the Edge Servers where it first gets downloaded, instead of being pushed to the users individually. This allows quicker downloads for the users, who receive the stream as a unicast from the Edge Servers, while on the other hand, the Edge Servers experience increase in efficiency due to decline in network congestion.

In VIDIZMO, the ECDN is a complete Add-on Solution comprising of different components, which include:

  • ECDN Management Module: This module, installed centrally, is VIDIZMO platform's built-in module which contains the Location Management and Streaming Server Management.
  • ECDN Node: Also known as VIDIZMO Streaming Server, is installed on multiple locations.

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Location Management

VIDIZMO ECDN Management Module helps customers to configure their Edge Servers according to the hierarchy required as well as the geographical locations being served. VIDIZMO Edge Servers can optionally be bound to locations, which are in turn linked to specific IP ranges defined in their Subnets. From these locations, the application intelligently identifies user requests and reroutes them to the locations having closest proximity to the user.

The image below shows how IP Address can be assigned to a Location:

Without a location, the user request is directed randomly to Edge Servers, irrespective of the region being served, and the stream is pulled from there. Selecting a server in this way may not provide the optimal stream due to the lack of server proximity with the player or bandwidth congestion being experienced on the selected server, thus affecting the quality of streaming. 

Locations are useful for customers with a large audience spread over multiple regions, for overcoming bandwidth challenges or if a specific range of IP addresses is to be served during Live or On-Demand Streaming.  

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How VIDIZMO ECDN Provides Fallback During Live Streaming

In order to provide an optimum Live Stream experience for a viewer, the Live Stream has to be available as soon as the viewer connects. There may be instances like system failures such as a crash, or communications failures, when the stream may not be able to fulfill this ideal user experience.

VIDIZMO ECDNs are intelligently configured to handle such situations by providing failover to the viewer using a methodology that allows the unavailable Edge Node to fall back to other available Nodes in the network. This fallback methodology ensures that the stream is always available to the viewer.

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