A Publishing point refers to the physical location of the streaming server that the live video feed is first delivered to (ingest) via an encoder and the playback URLs the VIDIZMO player uses to playback live stream (egress), effectively hosting the stream for all viewers. A publishing point allows you to fine tune and re-use your Playback URLs for frequent live events.

Publishing Point is a combination of Ingest Point(s) and a Playback URL, with the ingest point on one end of the Streaming Server which takes input from the encoder and on the other end, the streaming server provides a Playback URL for the player to playback the content. The quality of the playback content depends upon the streaming server's ability to transcode different renditions for the player.

VIDIZMO Streaming Servers are specially designed to simultaneously live transcode ingested streams in different qualities i.e. 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p etc. and combine them to create a single source file or manifest file for the player. Manifest files store stream metadata, which is used by the players to provide the best quality streams. The player, depending upon the available bandwidth, then takes relevant information from the manifest file and decides which quality to stream.

Follow the steps below to learn how to create a Publishing Point for live streaming in VIDIZMO:


You can set up a Publishing Point for your streaming server from the Publishing Point tab from Channel Settings by following these steps:

1. From the Account/Channel Homepage, go to Admin >> Settings.

2. On the Settings screen, click on Publishing Point tab. Click on the Add (+) icon to add a Publishing Point for your streaming server.

3. From the Add Publishing Point screen:

1. Enter the Title for your Publishing Point.

2. Enter a Stream Name. Click on Check Availability to validate if the stream name is available. 

3. Now, select a Server from the dropdown list. In the Server field (3), you can select from the list of names appearing in the dropdown. These values and are populated from the "Title" field when setting up the ECDN from Admin >> Control Panel >> ECDN >> Add ECDN

While setting up your ECDN, you can select from the following options as a Stream Server, which shows up here on the Publishing Point's "Server" selection:

A. Microsoft's Azure Media Media Services (AMS)

B. VIDIZMO Streaming Server

C. General. The other options i.e. Wowza/ Amazon/ Akamai/ Edgecast/ Multicast in the dropdown are all based on the "General" template

To learn more, click here on How To Setup VIDIZMO ECDN

A. Microsoft's Azure Media Media Services (AMS)

Select LiveAMS as the Server, because in this example a Publishing Point is being setup using AMS as the Stream Server. If you are using a different Streaming Server, simply select the name from the "Server" dropdown that corresponds to the streaming server you want to use.

Enable HLS/MSS/RTMP option allows you to target different devices. These options may or may not be available depending on the streaming server used. Click on the Show Advanced link to list all options for the selected server.

The values defined under "Show Advanced" under Microsoft Azure Media Services (AMS) As Origin, in the article How to Setup VIDIZMO ECDN, are replicated here on the Publishing Point screen when a publishing point is set up. If required, these values can be changed from this screen and will be considered as the final configuration. Corresponding values for each entry on the ECDN screen will not be affected by the changes made on the Publishing Point screen.

Note: When using Azure Government Cloud as ECDN, select Pass-Through as your Encoding Type and Standard as the Encoder under the Enable Channel's Show Advanced settings.

4. Click on the Add button to successfully add the Publishing Point. 

With the completion of this step, a Publishing Point is also created on AMS. This is known as an "Azure Media Services Channel" on the Azure Portal.  Azure Media Services (AMS) Channel represents a pipeline for processing live streaming content, that receives a single-bitrate live stream and encodes it to multi-bitrate stream, and which provides you with an ingest point for the output of your encoder.

To learn more about AMS Channels, click here on How to perform live streaming using Azure Media Services to create multi-bitrate streams with the Azure portal.

4. Click on the Publishing Point to open it in Edit mode, to view the following details:

1. A green colored heart line icon appears next to the Publishing Point name. This is used to indicate that the Publishing Point is in use and works as an indicator of the status of active streams. If the icon is not present, it indicates a stopped stream.

Note: This feature only works for Azure Media Services and not when a publishing point is set up using any other Stream Server.

2. "Start Stream" and "Stop Stream" options: These allow you to initiate the stream or to stop a running stream. 

When a stream is initiated, a popup window appears stating: AMS Streaming has started successfully (since we have used AMS as our streaming server).

The status shows "running" in green, indicating that the Publishing Point is now active

3. Ingest URLs and the Stream Names are generated: Use the Ingest URL and Stream Name in your Encoder to push the stream. If you are using the Wirecast tool as your encoder, you will need to provide this information in Wirecast's output settings.

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4. When using Azure Media Service (AMS), two URLs are generated by default; one using port 1935 and the other using port 1936. This is to provide redundancy so that if one goes down, the other URL takes over.


B. VIDIZMO Streaming Server

If you are using VIDIZMO Streaming Server, you will see different options for the Publishing Point setup:

1. Select VIDIZMO Streaming Server to setup a Publishing Point:

2. Recording: When the checkbox is selected, this feature allows you to record the content in the location you had provided during ECDN setup.

3. Ingest Points: If you see the quality checkboxes, notice that 4 options are selected i.e. 240, 360, 480 and 720. Based upon these selections, ingest points for each quality have been generated along with the corresponding stream names. Also, each ingest point has a quality mentioned against each, which is not provided against ingest points if any other Streaming server is used. This additional information is only available when using VIDIZMO Streaming Server.

C. General/ Wowza/ Amazon/ Akamai/ Edgecast/ Multicast

In the same way, you can setup a Publishing Point using the General option, where it will just use the Streaming URL from the ECDN node to set up the Publishing Point.

5. You can now use the ingest URL from the Publishing Point to configure your encoder to push the stream. You can also test the Publishing Point by following the steps below:

i.   Click on the inverted arrow just before the stream name, to bring up the Test Player link.

ii.  Click on Test Player. The Playback URL field should be populated automatically.

iii. Clicking on the Start button will playback the stream.


The Publishing Point can now be used to schedule a Live Webcast.

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