A database is required as a prerequisite to setting up the VIDIZMO application for On-Premise deployment. For the database, VIDIZMO supports SQL 2012/2014 or SQL 2016, from Express to Enterprise version. When using the Express Edition, it will need to be installed with Advanced Services. For SQL Server 2016, SQL Server Management Tools need to be installed separately, and you will also need to select Mixed Authentication Mode during SQL installation to allow authentication for both SQL and Windows. 

On-Premise deployment also requires Reporting Services which are used in VIDIZMO reports and for which the Web Server Role needs to be configured on the Application Server. 

For a detailed explanation of the components involved, click here on VIDIZMO On-Premise Deployment Options.

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This configuration uses two servers where the Content Storage and the Encoder are on one server, while the Database is hosted on a separate server. The main advantage of using a separate database is to provide organizations with security, scalability, and performance, while at the same time allowing resources to be consumed more efficiently.