Live Webcasts are an effective way for organizations to broadcast public or private events over the web for geographically dispersed employees, customers, partners or for making webcasts available to anonymous viewers. In this way, viewers can participate in live events on their devices via a browser on a PC/laptop or on their handheld devices.

Accessing Live Webcasts

Live webcasts available to anonymous viewers require users to log in using an ID and password or by using their corporate Single Sign-On before they can access the link. In case of SSO users, they can access the webcast from the channel library also.

Enhanced Live Chat Features

VIDIZMO has enhanced its Live Chat feature to allow viewers to interact with channel administrators including Moderators, Manager & Administrator roles during the Live webcast. This allows viewers to ask questions during the Live Webcast and receives responses from channel administrators who are actively engaged during the Live webcast. Viewers are only able to see their own messages and responses to those messages, and it does not allow them to engage with other viewers. Also, the administrators are able to block or unblock users as needed from using Live Chat for sending messages. Once blocked, a viewer will not be able to send their message using Live Chat.

When the Live Chat Feature is enabled on a Live webcast available for anonymous viewers, they are required to provide a name and optional email address before they can access it. Note that providing this information does not register or authenticate the viewer in the VIDIZMO channel and is simply meant for identification during Live Chat.

Secure Your Anonymously Available Live Webcasts

Anonymously available Live Webcasts can also be password protected so that only viewers who have been provided with the password are able to view it. Administrators can choose to share the password with their target audience via email or other by using other means, thus providing a simple authentication mechanism for administrators to secure their webcast without requiring complex user registration or authentication process.

Multi-Session Live Webcasts

Administrators can schedule multiple sessions for a live webcast at different dates and times. This allows administrators to schedule periodic events (weekly, monthly etc.) that needs to be live streamed at specific times or sessions of the same live webcast at different times of the day. Note that viewers are only able to attend the current session in progress.

Multi-session webcasts can only be accessed after the previous session has either been completed or marked as ended by the administrator for some reason. Similarly, if a session in progress, the next session will not be accessible.

Multi-session webcasts can be accessed by all types of users, whether anonymous or authenticated based on the access setup for the Webcast.

If the Webcast is password protected and if the Live Chat feature has also been enabled, anonymous viewers will have access to Live Chat as well. The Live Chat allows Moderator+ Roles to respond to Webcast Attendees individually or send a message to everyone attending:

i. Conversation from Admin View: The Administrators are able to view and reply to the webcast attendees from the Chat window on the Playback page. To differentiate between the status of the messages appearing in the Chat window, conversations are displayed by changing their color, indicating that a response has been sent.

ii. The dropdown towards the botom of the Chat window list the attendees, allowing you to engage the viewers individually or send messages to everyone.

iii. In the second dropdown, use the Messages option to send messages.

iv. The Survey option allows you send a link from a third-party tool like Survey Monkey so that the survey opens in the VIDIZMO Player on viewers screens.

v. Command: The Command button allows Administrators to use the "refresh_page" command to remotely refresh all webcast instances being run by viewers.

The image below shows the Webcast attendee, who has received a reply from the Administrator:

Click on How To Schedule A Live Webcast In VIDIZMO to learn more about webcasts in VIDIZMO. 


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