A Digital Partner of Record or DPOR, in short, is a partner or organization who is helping the customer to design, build, deploy and or manage a solution that is built on Azure. A DPOR is not intended for the Partner who sells the Azure Subscription to the customer, but instead, is intended for those partners who are helping the customer to build and deliver the solution.

Why does the customer need to attach a Partner of Record? It is because there is only one role within an Azure Tenant, or the customer’s Azure Account, that actually has the ability to access and attach a Partner Record. As the owner and Admin of the Account, the customer can change the Partner of Record or sign a Partner of Record to provide the Partner visibility to the usage and account activity for the solution that he/she has helped the customer to deliver. This not only helps in management scenarios but also provides credit to the Partners who are trying to attain status and standing with Microsoft in their Azure Business driving and developing Azure based solutions.

Assigning DPOR

The following steps show how customers can easily assign a DPOR:

i. Go to the Microsoft Azure site.

ii. From the top menu, select My Account. The My Account screen is where you can Manage your Azure Account. The Partner of Record is attached from the Usage and Billing section.

iii. Click on the Usage and Billing to access the Sign-in

iv. Clicking on Usage and Billing from the previous screen brings up the Sign-in popup. Proceed to enter your email and password used to access your Azure Account.


v. Once you are successfully signed-in, you are taken to the subscriptions screen. The Partner of Record is assigned at the subscription level. Customers who have multiple subscriptions will need to go through this process multiple times as there is no bulk copy facility for Partner of Record. Each subscription will have to be assigned once at a minimum.

In the example below, there is only one subscription. Select your Azure subscription against which you wish to assign the DPOR.


vi. From the Summary screen, select Partner Information from the right-hand side - this is where the Partner of Record is attached.

vii. On the popup window, enter your Partner ID, which is a numeric ID. If you do not know your partner's Partner ID, contact him/her to get that information,

viii. After you input the value, you can click on the Check ID box to verify the ID. This brings up the name associated with the ID and gets displayed against the Partner Name just below the ID field.

ix. Click on the check-box on the bottom right-hand corner and you have completed assigning a Partner of Record.

After you have assigned the Partner of Record, the assigned partner receives an email notification that lets them know that you have assigned, changed or removed your Partner of Record.

Partner of Records can be changed at any time, especially when you get new partners in helping you out to get new solutions. You can also remove a Partner of Record from your Subscription by going back to the Partner Information link which shows you the assigned Partner of Record for that Subscription. To remove the Partner of Record, simply select and remove the entry from the Microsoft Partner ID field (vii) and hit the checkbox at the bottom and the assignment gets removed.

Here’s a detailed handy reference guide to setting up a DPOR on Microsoft’s Digital Partner of Record page:

Download the Customer Guide to attaching a Digital Partner of Record for Azure