The player shows the media on the payback page as a black screen with an exclamation mark in the center and it does not play when you click on it. 


One of the trusted domains was removed from the whitelist and the blocked domain prevented access to the media.


Add domain to the whitelist.

VIDIZMO customers who run an On-Premise deployment, store content on their server locally while SaaS customers store content to the cloud. For security reasons, SaaS or On-Premise behind the firewall deployments implement rules to allow or restrict access to their networks. Changing the access to the network will also affect content availability.

The domain may have been blocked causing the video to be unavailable. Add the domain back if it was removed from the blocked/ trusted domains list.

Other scenarios where a video may not work:

- Deleted videos, in which case, re-upload the video. Re-uploading a video generates a new link/ URL.

- The video got deleted and you have already distributed the link to your viewers. Now you want to use the same link from the previous video. 

In this case, and since the video was deleted altogether, you will have to contact VIDIZMO Support for help.

Note that if you have simply renamed the video, your viewers will still be able to use the old link, provided to them initially, to play the video.