Media upload takes very long and fails to reload.


The processing took time because the video was 1Gb in size. 


Make sure you are using a network service which provides high bandwidth for file uploading. Time to upload a large file greatly depends upon the bandwidth available. 

Once the file upload completes, VIDIZMO starts transcoding the file before it is available as a published video in the Channel Library. The transcoding process depends upon the following factors:

i. File Size of the video

ii. Quality of the video

iii. The number of formats it is being transcoded into.

For example, using its own transcoding service, VIDIZMO took 2 minutes to transcode a video with the following attributes as shown in the image (i) below.

The higher the resolution and duration of the video, the longer it will take. On the Media Management screen, the video processing is continuously displayed until the process completes:

You can also check the Workflow Queue to see the details of the job as shown in the image below:

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