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The storage capacity was all consumed, preventing the VidizmoDB_log file on the SQL Server to append more entries. This lack of space on the storage caused some resources to become unresponsive or even stop working entirely. 


Using VIDIZMO with a Database Server which has reached near to or its full capacity may cause some processes in VIDIZMO to slow down or stop responding due to the lack of resources. In this particular instance, the storage on the SQL Server prevented the log file from saving any more information. 

For customers who want to retain all of the data in the same log file, they have to ensure that sufficient storage capacity is available in the DATA folder to save the log and SQL data files.

In the current example, storage capacity was increased to resolve the issue and VIDIZMO started working normally.

Other methods to resolve this issue are:

- Truncate the VidizmoDB_log file: 

Customers who do not wish to retain previous entries can truncate the data in the log file thus reducing the file size.

- Change the location of the DB Storage:

Change the location of the DB Storage to some other local drive that has the capacity to handle large files. You can change the DB storage location using the SQL Server Management Studio installed on the SQL Server. 

Click here on Step #5 of Verification of SQL Server Installation and Configuration, to learn more about configuring the SQL DB Data and Log locations.

It is recommended to select a local drive other than C drive since the VidizmoDB_log file, located inside the Data folder needs sufficient space to grow as it continuously appends all the transactions taking place in the VIDIZMO DB, and saves it in this file.  If the allocated storage for the log file becomes insufficient to save the appended information, the VIDIZMO application slows down and may even stop responding.