Adobe Presenter is yet another tool that lets curriculum developers and teachers enable flipped content and create interactive training content from within Microsoft PowerPoint. Adobe Presenter allows you to capture from your webcam or convert static content into high-quality videos and publish them to your LMS all the while tracking learning performance. In addition to this, Adobe Presenter also allows you to easily add quizzes and surveys supporting all major question interaction formats like multiple choice, true/false, matching, fill-in-the-blanks, short answers/essays etc.

Adobe Presenter creates content that is compliant with xAPI, AICC, SCORM 1.2, and SCORM 2004 and can be used with popular LMSs including Adobe Captivate Prime.

Although Adobe Presenter has a lot of features that empower instructors to create engaging content, one of its biggest disadvantage is its inability to capture from the second display if two monitors are being used - it simply uses and captures from the primary display only.

Here are the steps to walk you through in recording your PowerPoint slides using Adobe Presenter:


Install Adobe Presenter by downloading it from the Adobe site.


- Use your Adobe Id or create a new one to access Adobe's Products.

- The instructions below describe screen capture from a single display. 

i. Once, installed, you should be able to see the Adobe Presenter ribbon in PowerPoint as shown in the screen below:

ii. Clicking on the ADOBE PRESENTER ribbon in PowerPoint opens up a host of features for you to use for your recordings.

Click on Record video presentations - Adobe Support to learn more about these features. 

iii. Set up your presentation slides in full screen to start recording it, then click on the Record button by toggling to the main PowerPoint program.


iv. Adobe Presenter Video Express is launched as the Record button is pressed as described in the previous step (iii). After it loads, Adobe Presenter record options Webcam, Screen or Both, will be displayed.

i. What would you like to record?

- Webcam: Webcam capture allows you to capture your live webcam feed and any audio narration you might want to add to the video being recorded.

- Screen: Screen capture only records what is being displayed on your screen. The capture area is indicated by a red dotted line and the start/stop record dialog appears in the center of the screen.

- Both: As the name suggests, this option captures both the screen and the live webcam feed.

ii. If any projects were created before, they will be listed as thumbnails under the Recent Projects section for you to select or modify for re-use.

iii. Clicking on this icon lets you view all your projects.

v. Use the desired option (Webcam/ Screen/ Both) and click on the red record button to start recording. The recording starts after a 3-second countdown. 

- Screen only recording:

- Screen & Webcam recording:

vi. After the recording ends you can use the icons below to show the presenter, presentation or both in the video. The Both icon at the bottom of the display lets you position the webcam window on the right or on the left side of the presentation.

In the example below:

i. Click on the green Screen icon to display play the screen capture only, indicated by the green timeline (ii). 

iii. Clicking on the yellow Webcam icon displays the Webcam feed only, indicated by the yellow portion of the timeline.

iv. Clicking on the Both (blue) icon again flips the webcam to the right side of the presentation.

For a host of other features such as recording additional videos to the presentation, recording preferences and editing interface, click on Record video presentations - Adobe Support


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