You can assign permissions to your videos so that the videos are only accessible to specific users or groups in your corporate directory. Allowing permissions in this way lets you set up videos so they do not appear in the Channel Library and are available only through shared links.

The Access Tab

The Access tab in the Media Settings manages the accessibility of the media. Administrators can predefine who can access the content from the Membership Type by selecting Authenticated Viewers or Anonymous Viewers. However, if the Administrator has selected Decide When Publishing, then the uploader has the leverage to decide the accessibility of the content while publishing.

Note that External Viewers option is enabled only when the Allow Sharing with External Viewers checkbox in Admin >> Settings >> General >> Membership Type is selected.

Here is how you can assign permissions so that only specific users or groups are able to watch a video. 


1. Log in to your VIDIZMO portal.


2. From the Channel Library, or Media Management screen (i), select the video (ii) on which the permissions need to be assigned. From the video options, select the Settings button (iii).

3. Clicking on the Settings button takes you to the Published tab (i). 

ii. Click on the Access tab to access options for the selected video.

iii. Then, click on the box against "Specific Viewers / Groups" to bring up a text field for this option.

4. Under "Who can access it?" heading:

i. Click on the checkbox for "Specific Users and Groups" to bring up a text input field. 

ii. This field allows you to enter a keyword to search for specific users or groups.

iii. The entered search term pulls up users or groups that match the keyword or part of the keyword. 

iv. If the entered term matches a Group name, that group(s) will also be made available for selection. All the members who are part of the selected group will have access to this video.

v. Click on the " + " icon adjacent to the Users/ Groups to add them to the list who will have access to this video.

5. Users and groups selected using the " + " icon appear as a list just under the text input field. 

i. List of added users and groups

ii. You can also add external users (not part of the corporate Active Directory) by entering email Ids in the text field.

iii. Once you are done making your selection, click on the Save and Close button to save your settings.

To remove users from the list, simply click on the " - " icon against the respective user's name.

6. The Save and Close button also acts as a trigger to send out emails to the selected users and those users in the selected group. Users can then log in to the VIDIZMO portal to view the video.

External users, upon receiving the email, will have to register first and then they will be able to view the video.


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