As more and more enterprises are switching to digital transformation, the need to adapt to the latest technologies is becoming more apparent. According to Accenture, 82% of businesses expect to be a digital business in the next 3 years, and in a digital world, information travels both ways: customers use products and services and in turn provide information back on the trends and statistics that help improve that product or service. This employee feedback fosters better communication and collaboration resulting in a more connected organization where teams are pulled together to work as one.   

Jive is a leading provider of modern communication and collaboration solutions facilitating digital transformation and driving greater productivity through cross-functional interaction. Formerly known as Clearspace, then Jive SBS and then Jive Engage, and now simply Jive, it integrates the functionality of online communities, social networking, forums, and blogs etc. under one unified user interface where content placed in any of the systems can be found through a common search interface. Jive Software, a web-based portal, lets users create different content, sub-sites and provides users a place to upload content, share it with other users, and work in a collaborative environment.

Despite all the advantages offered for collaboration and communication, when it comes to video management, Jive simply lacks the enterprise level content management and video streaming capabilities, especially since videos are taking over rapidly as a corporate communication and training tool during this digital transformation.

Using VIDIZMO Jive App for Your Video Collaboration

Jive enables developers to extend a platform by building apps and adding new functionality that allows users to watch videos hosted on VIDIZMO account(tenant) inside the Jive portal. Users get a similar VIDIZMO portal with featured videos, channels, latest published videos, search and are able to play that content right within Jive. 

VIDIZMO App is deployed to enable the Jive community to experience VIDIZMO's extended functionality from a simplified interface to manage videos in different channels, filter videos by category, assign tags for cross-channel search or interact with media by commenting, sharing, like /dislike, and add to favorites. 

Similarly, while commenting on videos, VIDIZMO's content moderation feature, if enabled on the primary tenant, allows comments to be moderated first before they are posted on the videos in Jive.

Searches performed from the VIDIZMO App features federated search to pull up the most relevant results against the specified term within a channel since the content is saved on the VIDIZMO tenant and not in Jive.

VIDIZMO Jive App features seamless integration with Jive authentication to provide SSO experience.

How Jive Integrates with Apps

Jive uses an Add-on which is an archive file containing configuration settings and other data used to run apps like VIDIZMO within your Jive space. These Add-ons are built using the Jive Node SDK or created manually. To learn more about how the Jive Add-on can be built, click on the following links:

- Jive Node SDK: If you use the Jive Node SDK, an add-on package (named is automatically created for you when you start your application. You can take that zip file and use it as a starting point for the submission.

Building a Jive Add-On: Explains how to manually build the Add-on.

Once you have the Add-on for your app, you can deploy your project in your environment using the "Add-ons" menu on the Jive UI. You will need to have Jive community manager privileges to install the Add-on. For a complete step-by-step guide, please refer to Jive Add-on Deployment.

Jive - VIDIZMO Integration Workflow

Running VIDIZMO within Jive

Login to your Jive using your secure login credentials and navigate to the space on the Jive UI defined in your deployment package. In the screens below, VIDIZMO portal is deployed under "Example (Space)".

VIDIZMO Home Page Inside Jive Portal

Most Recent, Most Popular and Most Viewed Videos

Media Library (Live /On-demand)

Playback with Interaction (Like /Dislike /Add to Favorites /Comment on Media)

Search Media